Workforce Solutions Alamo
- Joint Interim Executive Director: Kenneth Carlson
- Joint Interim Executive Director: Belinda Gomez
- Board Chair: Susan Monahan 
- At-Large Board Representative: Simon Salas

Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley
- Executive Director: Tom Wilkinson
- Board Chair: J. Jared Patout

Workforce Solutions Cameron
- Executive Director: Pat Hobbs
- Board Chair: Sonia Walsh
- Board Representative: Federico Garza

Workforce Solutions - Capital Area
- Executive Director: Alan Miller
- Board Chair: Anamita Mukherjee 
- Board Representative: Joene Grissom
- Board Representative: Bill Imhoff

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas
- Executive Director: Susan Kamas
- Board Chair: Martha Tyroch
- Board Representative: Horace Grace

Workforce Solutions Coastal Bend
- Executive Director: Ken Trevino
- Board Chair: Gloria Perez
- Board Representative: Joe Guzman

Workforce Solutions of the Concho Valley
- Executive Director: Michael Buck
- Board Chair: Phil Neighbors

Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas
- Executive Director: Marilyn Hartsook
- Board Chair: Garvey Jackson
- Board Representative: Tyane Dietz

Workforce Solutions East Texas
- Executive Director: David Cleveland
- Board Chair: Pete Lamothe

Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent
- Executive Director: Henry Guajardo
- Board Chair: Chester Sackett
- Board Representative:  Mike Wall

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas
- Executive Director: Laurie Bouillion-Larrea
- Board Chair: Cathy Kusaka Fraser

Workforce Solutions Gulf Coast
- Executive Director: Mike Temple
- Board Chair: Mark Guthrie
- Board Representative:  Gerald Andrews

Workforce Solutions Heart of Texas
- Executive Director: Anthony Billings
- Board Chair: Willis Reese
- Board Representative: Gaylan Beavers

Workforce Solutions Lower Rio Grande
- Interim Executive Director: Francisco Almaraz
- Board Chair: Dalinda Guillen

Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande
- Executive Director: Ricky McNiel
- Board Chair: Ernest Flores, Jr.

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas
- Executive Director: David Setzer
- Board Chair: Meera Ananthaswamy
- Board Representative: Daniel Strong

Workforce Solutions North East Texas
- Executive Director: Randy Reed
- Board Chair: Larry Dotin

Workforce Solutions North Texas
- Executive Director: Mona Statser
- Board Chair: Jim Sjolander

Workforce Solutions Panhandle
-Executive Director: Tom Dressler
-Board Chair: John Neusch

Workforce Solutions Permian Basin
- Executive Director: Willie Taylor
- Board Chair: Greg Yoxsimer
- Board Representative:  Lyn Fite

Workforce Solutions Rural Capital
- Executive Director: James Satterwhite
- Board Chair: Margaret Lindsey

Workforce Solutions Southeast
- Executive Director: Marilyn Smith
- Board Chair: Chuck Kalkbrenner

Workforce Solutions South Plains
-Chief Executive Officer:  Martin Aguirre
-Board Chair: Ken Sanderson
-Board Representative: Adrienne Cozart

Workforce Solutions South Texas
- Execituve Director: Rogelio Trevino
- Board Chair: Lupita Canales

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County
- Executive Director: Judy McDonald
- Board Chair: Victor "Buddy" Puente, Jr
- Board Vice Chair: Keith Muskrat
- Board Representative: Leslie Sisk

Workforce Solutions for Texoma
- Executive Director: Janie Bates
- Board Chair: Sam Ciani
- Board Representative:  Candy Van Sant

Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande
- Executive Director: Lorenzo Reyes
- Board Chair: Bertha Gallardo 
- Board Representative: Tracy Bristol

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas
- Executive Director: Mary Ross
- Board Chair: John Beckmeyer


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