The Texas Association of Workforce Boards (TAWB) is comprised of the 28 regional workforce boards in Texas.  TAWB is dedicated to meeting the workforce development needs of Texas employers. 

As in any state, Texas’ workforce system is essential to its ability to compete in the global economy.   TAWB believes that the integration of education and workforce development are essential components of economic growth and prosperity, and that an investment in the public workforce development is an investment in economic development. 

TAWB’s board representatives are private business and community leaders from across the state of Texas who serve or have served as leaders of their regional workforce development boards.  The hands-on business experience and workforce development expertise of its members uniquely position TAWB to advise on education and training policies for the state’s emerging workforce and to assist in the development of a true employer driven workforce system.  TAWB also provides a forum for its members to share best practices in workforce development.