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How severe is America’s worker shortage? U.S. Chamber of Commerce Exec. Vice President Neil Bradley breaks down the latest data and polling to reveal an economic crisis that is plaguing companies across every state and industry.

Texas Business Today

Free online informational newsletter covering issues and interests of Texas employers. This publication is produced quarterly by TWC’s Office of the Commissioner Representing Employers.

NSC Industry Recovery Panel Perspectives Series

Earlier this year National Skills Coalition (NSC) and Business Leaders United convened four industry recovery panels to share their perspectives on an inclusive economic recovery for infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail/hospitality. Since then, each panel – comprised of business leaders, labor organizations, community colleges, community training providers, and others – has developed recommendations and shared them with the Biden Administration and Congress to inform recovery package negotiations.

Return to Work Initiative Employer Survey Report of Results

A growing coalition of leading business and economic development advocates recently the results of a survey assessing COVID-19’s initial impact on Texas businesses.

Return to Work Resource Guide

The Texas Association of Business and our program partners have assembled this Return to Work Resource Guide to help Texas employers and workers get back to work safely and as soon as possible.

Local Upskilling Resources for your Business

Teaming up with the National Association of Workforce Boards, UpSkill America developed a new tool that explains just how these organizations can help you. The tool provides an overview of what the public workforce system does and connects you to resources to start taking advantage of its services.

Understanding the Need for Nurses in Texas: Defining the Skills Gap

This report from the Texas Workforce Investment Council provides a demographic overview of the nursing labor force in Texas. The study presents information about nurses in Texas and also discusses the current national nursing shortage. The research can be used to inform long-term planning projects and aid system partners in evaluating programs designed to improve the performance of the workforce system in meeting the needs of employers for a skilled workforce.

Accessing the Network of Local Upskilling and Related Resources Available to Support Your Business

The National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) and Aspen Institute’s Upskill America release new tool on how employers can use workforce boards to upskill their workers. The tool explains to employers:
*What do Workforce Development Boards offer?
*Understanding your regional labor market
*Developing Strategies for Improved Talent Development/Retention
*Additional Resources

At the Heart of Texas: Cities’ Industry Clusters Drive Growth

The second edition of At the Heart of Texas is a comprehensive look at the industry clusters, history and demographics shaping 12 of Texas’ metropolitan areas. Building upon the first edition released in 2016, this new report adds four metro areas and moves forward the time period under study. The report’s authors identify the dominant industry clusters—those exceeding the national average in their share of employment—that drive each metro’s economy and shape its economic outlook.

Industry-Based Certifications For Middle-Skill STEM Occupations in Texas

This report presents the results of the Texas Workforce Investment Council’s first system initiative to identify third-party, industry-based certifications that are of value to Texas employers and that can positively affect employment outcomes in middle-skill STEM occupations. The list of certifications contained in this report can be used as a resource to help workforce system partners achieve objectives related to increasing certification outcomes for education and training participants.

Texas Business Today Newsletter

Second Quarter 2018 Newsletter from Ruth R. Hughs, Texas Workforce Commissioner Representing Employers.

December Credential Engine Application Showcase

Credential Engine is a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of promoting transparency and credential literacy in the marketplace to reveal the world of credentials and inform the public. This Application Showcase provides an informative look at how cutting-edge systems and tools are using the Credential Registry to solve real-world problems to improve connections, access, and use of credential and competency information.

The Future Of The Workforce: How Small Businesses Can Meet the Needs of the Workers of Tomorrow Today

The workforce is constantly evolving with the up and coming generations. Approximately 75% of the workforce will be millennials by 2025, therefore businesses need to adapt too. These whitepapers contain everything you may need to know to help with these changes

Next Gen Sector Partnerships

Strategies for building, industry-driven, Next Generation Sector Partnerships.

Work in Progress: How CEO’s Are Helping Close America’s Skills Gap?

Business Roundtable report describes how more than 50 employers, from Accenture to Zoetis, are helping to develop their workforces through work-based learning, education partnerships, tuition assistance and more.

Infographic: The Economic Benefits of the Texas Undocumented Workforce

The Soft Skills Gap and Generation Z: Teaching the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent

Those are “old-fashioned basics” of professional behavior that exemplify so-called “soft skills”—skills that are in greater demand than ever but are missing in the workplace, Bruce Tulgan told attendees at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition.

The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Welding

You probably already know that welders use specialized equipment to join together metal parts. But that’s only part of the story. Take a look at this infographic developed by Tulsa Welding School for a peek inside the world of welding careers.

CPT & CLT Value to Texas Employers

Overview of Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) programs that can be shared with employers. It explains the benefits of industry credentials, how employers can use them in their hiring and training processes and how CPT and CLT have been used in the state.

Collaborating with Competitors: Sharing Talent Pools to Meet Workforce Challenges

The latest whitepaper from ManpowerGroup Solutions proposes a new approach to hiring where competitors collaborate, co-design and influence a shared talent pool model.

Competency Model Clearinghouse

The Competency Model Clearinghouse is designed to inform the workforce investment system about the value of competency models, their development and use.

Taking Care of Business: Employer Engagement in Workforce Data

A new report by Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC), shares case studies from Mississippi and Alabama, where employers play a significant role in developing and informing state data systems. The brief report includes recommendations to help other states successfully involve business leaders with these systems to improve workforce development.


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