Economic Development

TAWB believes strongly in partnerships with Economic Development entities as our workforce delivery system is essential to economic development in the state. TAWB and its member boards, through their Texas Workforce Solutions centers around the state, provide human resource development to current and prospective employers. We also work to ensure 1) an integrated business-driven workforce system, 2) greater educational attainment for Texas residents, 3) more jobs and opportunities for Texas Residents, 4) an increase in high-wage jobs, 5) a positive image of the Texas workforce; and 6) increased competitiveness of Texas businesses.

TAWB and its member boards must also continuously scan the business, educational and economic environment to project Texas’ future needs by planning for both the long and short-term needs of employers and employees. We work to address those needs and ensure 1) an increased efficiency and alignment of the workforce system; and 2) relevant data to effectively and efficiently promote workforce opportunities.

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Reform of our education system is essential in order to effectively address the long-term needs and economic viability of our state. We must expect and demand an education system that meets industry needs, thus ensuring our global competitiveness and quality of life. Approximately 60% of the jobs in the immediate future are predicted to require technical skills and knowledge, but only 20% of students today are entering technical training. As the business leaders charged with providing Texas employers with a skilled and ready workforce, we believe that courses offered in high school leading to industry credentialing, licensure or college credits will not only advance individual prosperity and meet employers’ needs, but will enhance overall economic growth in our state by affording us the talent to compete in a global economy.

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The Texas Association of Workforce Boards monitors actions taken by the U.S. Congress and the Texas Legislature that affect workforce development and education. TAWB works to educate legislators on workforce issues, inform them of how their actions may impact workforce delivery services, and serves as a resource for guidance and testimony.

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