Youth Employment

Can Apprenticeships Help Reduce Youth Unemployment?

A report from The Century Foundation puts forth the benefits of apprenticeship abroad and in the United States and proposes apprenticeship as a solution to youth unemployment.

DROPOUT RECOVERY SYSTEM FOR YOUTH: An Innovative Partnership Between a School District and City Government

Presentation at 2015 TAWB Executive Directors Council meetings by Robert Sainz, Assistant General Manager for the Economic and Workforce Development Dept. in Los Angeles, CA.

2015 Workforce Readiness Survey Info-graphic

A new study by McGraw-Hill Education indicates that while many students feel adequately prepared for college after graduating from high school, their sense of preparedness for the next step—the workforce—dips dramatically. This infographic illustrates key findings from a workforce readiness survey of nearly 1,000 college students.

Creating Pathways to Employment: The Role of Industry Partnerships in Preparing Low-Income Youth and Young Adults for Careers in High-Demand Industries

This report considers the best practices and the lessons learned from the National Fund’s Youth/Industry Partnership Initiative (YIPI) which promoted investment in and engagement of young adult workers in Boston MA, Hartford CT, Seattle WA, Mobile AL, San Francisco CA, and Des Moines IA.

Texas Great Leaders, Great Futures

Presentation at TAWB May 3, 2015 Executive Directors Council meeting by representatives with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Pathways For Youth Employment: Federal Resources For Employers

White House resource guide to help employers to access a variety of federal tools that make hiring youth easier.


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